Vibe Robin is best described as an artist of many disciplines.

First and formost, Vibe Robin is a highly respected composer. Her background in conducting/musical arrangement and composing covers a variety of musical genres, including jazz, rock, fusion and folk music. The music industry has been her main profession for the past 30 years.

She is also an admired textwriter. Apart from writing the lyrics for her own songs, she delivers lyrics for other composers. She has published many poetry collections and is currently writing a novel.

Vibe Robin's painting has been a side occupation since she was very young. This is an interrest that she does not have from strangers - she is the daughter of painter Hans GŁnther Hansen and her sister Maj Olika is likewise a painter and illustrator. As a child she accompanied her father and helped him create decorations for merry-go-rounds and the like in various circuses.

At one time in her early youth she produced a large collection of small decorated glass cupboards which she fabricated out of driftwood. This collection of beautiful small cupboards was sold with great success in Denmark, as well as in Paris and Berlin.

Naturally, her variety of talents has been inspiration for a number of projects where these artforms have been fused together. In shows, concerts and happenings she has mixed music, movement, texts, and visual art.

Allso as a painter she is diverse, engaging in different genres and expressive forms.

Vibe Robin lives on the island Langeland in Denmark.